Online Coupons and Deals Have Arrived at Backify!

We are excited to announce that we have introduced coupons to our platform in Sweden, the UK and the USA! This means that you can now save money on your next purchase by using a coupon code when you check out.

Online coupons are a great way to save money on your purchases and when combined with cashback you are looking at a much happier wallet. You will find deals in every department from online coupons for food to discount vouchers helping you save on your summer vacation.

What are the main types of coupons?

There are many types of coupons available, some apply to entire stores while some are product or range specific. You will find extra discounts across the board, on items such as electronics, clothing, and home goods.

Percentage off: Percentage discount on the total purchase amount or all items in a certain range. For example, a coupon for 20% off a purchase of $50 or more, or 10% off hotel bookings only.

Fixed amount off: Specific discount amount on the total purchase. For example, a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more.

Free delivery: Waive the shipping cost for the purchase. They might come with a minimum order value amount.

Buy one, get one free: These coupons offer a free product when a specific item is purchased. For example, a coupon for buying one shirt, get one free.

Clearance discount: May offer a discount on clearance or sale items only. For example, a coupon for an additional 25% off all clearance items.

How to find online coupons for your favorite store?

It’s simple! Search Backify as usual for your chosen store. You will find the coupon codes listed on each store page. When using the browser extension you will need to input the code manually at checkout. Over the coming months we will be working to introduce thousands more coupons to our platform but in the meantime, if you can’t find a code for the store you are looking for just pop us a message and we will hunt them down if they are around. We aim to lead the sector leaving the best discount coupons websites in our wake. With offers such as Currys coupons in UK, No7 Beauty coupons in US and Nike coupons in Sweden there is something for everyone.

How to use coupons and what are the benefits?

If you see a coupon that interests you, be quick as some are only valid for a limited time. Be sure to use them before they expire. You can apply coupons to gain significant discounts on purchases, it’s crucial to check terms and conditions for any restrictions such as minimum purchase amounts or product exclusions. By being mindful of these details, you can maximize the benefits of using coupons and enjoy great savings.

Can I combine these discounts with cashback?

Yes, you can! On our platform, these sit side by side. Most of the time you will be able to use them together, however, there will be odd occasions it will not be permitted. Make sure to check the terms in the orange box on the store page to see what the offer is. Two ways of saving money on products in one transaction. With the cost of living rising, we want to make it easy for our users to get the best prices for their purchases. There may be exceptions so be sure to read the details provided on the store page.

Check out Backify for a huge range of online coupons. By using both coupons and cashback, you can save even more money on your online purchase.


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Last updated: May 10, 2023 by The Backify Team