Updates: First Glance at Backify

A new version of Backify.com has been deployed!

The Beginning of Backify

To take the next step in our epic journey we have taken online a small piece of the frontend site! We hope this increases some excitement and makes everything a bit more tangible for our large family of shareholders. You have a front-row seat for each and every update we make. We’re extremely excited to have our shareholders go through this phase with us. This is the first opportunity to check out some of the progress we made and navigate around. Everyone should feel free to explore the site.

What to Expect!

We’re working hard to get a couple of major updates online this week. Plus, we’ll start working on plugging in all the stores to our admin panel, you’ll quickly begin seeing new stores and auxiliary pages going online, such as:

  • FAQs
  • Help Center
  • Contact Us
  • About Us

The Backify customer support bubble will soon appear too! We’ll happily answer questions there on live chat, as well as in our main Telegram channel.

We are performing heavy testing on the backend with real data, testing our admin panel, and setting up tools for support, etc. We’ll be testing our transactional emails in a live but closed environment to ensure everything is in a polished state.

When can I start shopping?

The next major milestone will be enabling access to our shareholders to log in and be able to shop through real stores on the closed BETA! This should arrive within a week!

We are inviting our shareholders to test the site, give feedback & report bugs directly to our team. We will be very responsive and quick to action fixes during this phase and look forward to a fresh perspective and some helpful insights from our growing audience.

All shareholders will be automatically whitelisted with the same email address they used when investing in Backify’s Equity Sale. You will be able to whitelist an alternative email address if you contact our team.

Join the Backify Bugs Telegram to start reporting now!


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Last updated: May 4, 2021 by The Backify Team