Basic Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

Our home is our sacred place, a place where we can unwind and feel a sense of calmness. However, what many don’t realise is that by simply placing things incorrectly can completely off-balance your room. This is why getting your interior design spot-on is so important. I’m sure you have heard the words Feng Shui being thrown around but what is Feng Shui? A little knowledge of it can come in handy. Let’s start at the beginning and talk about the meaning. Feng Shui is a Chinese word that translates to: Feng – Wind and Shui – Water

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The wind represents our breath and Shui denotes water, being that we as human beings are made up of around 60% of the stuff. It’s rooted deeply in mindfulness. Stressing the importance of slowing down and noticing the finer details in life which in turn will make us appreciate each moment for what it is – precious. The idea is that by connecting to the space around us we become one with the world.

By making a few small adjustments to your home layout, with these basic feng shui tips, could make a huge difference in your overall day-to-day feeling.

1. Feng Shui rules – the command position

This is one of the fundamental ideas in Feng Shui which basically means facing certain objects towards the door. It doesn’t have to be direct, you can get creative with it, for example, using a mirror.  The main door to the room is where it is believed that positive energy enters.  The most important object is:

  1. Your Bed
  2. Your Desk
  3. The Cooker

2. Feng Shui your entrance and exit

This is like when you meet someone for the first time. You stand face to face and conjure up the first impression, be it good or bad. This is the same when heading towards your front door, it is your first impression of the world so keep the area clean and tidy. Only keep the necessary items there. Make sure it is bright, both with colour and good lighting.

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3. Feng Shui the bedroom

Your bedroom is a biggy, it represents you and who you are, therefore, affects you the most. After all, our bed is where we spend a large portion of our lives so let’s get this right. Start with this basic feng shui interior design layout by placing your bed in the command position while making sure there is enough space on both sides of the bed so that you can walk around it. A headboard is 100% necessary, creating stability. Remember as a child, when your parents, grandparents were on at you to make your bed in the morning? Well…we should. It starts the day with a sense of order in your life, therefore, providing positive energy which will stay with you throughout the day. Not to mention the fact it is always more welcoming to get into a made bed in the evening.

4. Colour can affect the Feng Shui in your home

Let’s talk about colour. Colour choice is where we get to add our personalities to our personal space. But here are some things to keep in mind when making those difficult choices. In feng shui colours are thought to bring balance. They are related to five elements of nature:

  1. Earth
  2. Metal
  3. Water
  4. Wood
  5. Fire

Choosing the right colours is thought to help you through all moments in life. From feeling stable, give you energy, to grounding relationships. So choose wisely.

5. Are your doors blocked?

Doors are one of the basic Feng Shui interior design principles. If they are blocked the energy cannot smoothly move from room to room. Therefore, it is imperative that doors can open fully. Clear away any clutter or rearrange any furniture that may be in the way to let that positive energy flow.

6. Broken things throw the Feng Shui in your house

Many of us have a tendency to put off fixing broken things for whatever reason. Having too many broken things can affect the feeling in your home. They can be seen as obstacles in your life that may cause stress and hold you back. That broken window catch may result in you not being able to open it on that beautiful summer day!

7. Do you have too much in your wardrobe?

I think many of us struggle with this one. Either we don’t have the time to clear it out or we like everything we have and can see ourselves “wearing it one day”. However, this is an important one. Clearing out your wardrobe opens you up to clearing out other unwanted things from your life. A full wardrobe gives the world the impression your life has everything it needs and cannot fit anything new. Clearing out the old gives you space to grow.

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8. Eliminating dust collectors

We are all guilty of putting the housework on the back burner from time to time. But having too many unused objects lying around the house and collecting dust definitely makes for hard work. Having too many can symbolise parts of your life being static or disregarded. Take a look around, and be strict with yourself. Really think about it. Do you ever use those items? If not, maybe it’s time you take to the second-hand shop for a new life.

9. Keep your windows clean

Wearing glasses helps a huge percentage of the population to see better in their everyday life. Do we see people walking around with heavily soiled glasses?  No, because that would be counterproductive. Well, the same goes for the windows in your house. How can we see the world clearly if we can’t see out?! Make sure you set aside some time to make those windows shine.

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