2024 US Student Discounts: 100+ Deals and Offers You Can’t Miss

Hey there, savvy scholars of America! Here at Backify we know how challenging it is to balance academics, social life, and the looming specter of student loans. But hey, guess what? We’ve got a piece of news that’s sure to put a smile on your faces!

Whether you’re a tech whiz seeking the latest gear, a fashion-forward trendsetter, a gym junkie, or just someone trying to stretch that dollar a little further at the grocery store – you’re in the right place! We’ve compiled a colossal list of over 100 mind-blowing student discounts across the US, covering every category you could possibly need (or want!):

1. Techie tools and study sidekicks
2. Budget eats and mega marts
3. Fitness and gym gear
4. Home haven and adventure
5. Fashion finds and glitz-glam
6. Miscellaneous magic

So, put that study break to good use and dive into our guide – because who said budgeting couldn’t be fun? Let’s get saving, people!

Techie tools and study sidekicks (25 offers)

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Let’s kick things off with a list of student discounts and back-to-school offers to keep you ahead of the game this year. It’s all about saving you time and money on essential study gadgets. Ensuring that you can stay connected with friends and access the internet for homework from anywhere. But it doesn’t stop there – we’ve also got discounts on software designed to assist you in developing your skills and fire up your creativity. With these top-notch tech deals in the US, you’re set to crush this academic year with style and savings:

Gadgets galore

  • Apple Store
    If you’re in college, just got accepted, you’re a teacher or staff member, Apple has a sweet deal for you. Score a discount on a new Mac or iPad with their Education Pricing. It’s the perfect chance to upgrade your tech game without breaking the bank! Check out the deets at – Apple Store.
  • Best Buy
    Have you checked out Best Buy Education? It’s seriously a game-changer. They offer end-to-end tech solutions for schools, helping with everything from planning to installation, and even ongoing tech support. And the best part? They’ve got some special offers lined up for back-to-school season. For anyone in need of solid tech support and great deals for school, Best Buy Education is worth a look. What more details? Just head to their site.
  • Dell
    Dell’s Back-to-School initiative – it’s more than just getting you equipped for school, it’s about making a bigger impact. For every eligible purchase, Dell is stepping up to donate to UNICEF to help schools worldwide get internet access. And, let’s be real, accidents happen – especially during study sessions. That’s why they’re also offering Accidental Damage Service for those unexpected mishaps. So, you can focus more on studying and less on worrying. Head over to Dell to check it out!
  • Garmin
    Prepare for the school year ahead with Garmin’s range of top-notch devices. From activity trackers tailor-made for youngsters to gadgets ensuring you navigate home safely. Garmin is your go-to tech companion for the new academic year.  You know what the best part is? They’re currently offering educational discounts for those in the US! But be quick, these reduced prices are valid for a limited period and apply to selected colors and models. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity! Check out Garmin’s offerings today.
  • GoPro
    Are you always on the hunt for the next great capture? What’s better than a GoPro to immortalize those moments?! While they’ve been known to offer student discounts in the past, we couldn’t spot any current offers. But don’t fret – GoPro tends to run promotions periodically, so stay tuned for their back-to-school deals. Check out their page regularly – you might just find an irresistible deal waiting for you. Here’s where you can stay updated: Student Discount Program.
  • HP
    Join the HP Education Store Program, where you’ll find hefty discounts. Up to a whopping 40% on the latest HP tech. And the best part? You don’t need a student ID to join. You’ll get access to special offers and exclusive discounts on award-winning HP products, supplies, and services. So, whether you’re K-12, in higher education, a teacher, or a parent, HP’s got your tech needs covered. Start saving today, check it out here.
  • Logitech
    Have you checked out Logitech’s education-focused solutions yet? They work with educators and students just like you to create tech that can withstand the daily grind of school life. Their products work across all major platforms, learning management systems, edtech apps, video conferencing services, and devices. They’re super flexible and simple to use – just plug and play! While they don’t have any student discounts right now, keep an eye on their page – good things come to those who wait.
  • Razer
    Razer’s got an epic Education Program with some sweet deals for students, teachers, staff, and even parents buying on behalf of students. They’re dishing out up to 15% off on select Razer Blade laptops and peripherals, plus they’re slicing 5% off their killer gaming chairs. To start getting these discounts, you just have to verify your eligibility, and you’re good to go!
  • Samsung
    Samsung is stepping up its game for us with Education Offers Program and the Galaxy Campus Store. All you need to do is sign up to become a member and you will unlock extra savings on tech for class, studying, and even that post-homework chill time. We’re talking up to an extra 30% off! Plus, they’ve got sweet deals on upgrades and trade-ins, so you can always stay ahead of the curve with the latest gear. Just make sure to verify your student status, and you’re all set. Study hard, save harder!
  • Sony
    Sony is rolling out the red carpet for us with the #SONYEDU community. All you need to do is swing by #SONYEDU and throw in some details to verify that you’re a real-deal student or faculty member. You’ll be diving into an exclusive one-time rebate offer before you know it. But the Sony goodness doesn’t stop there. They’re all about educational pricing for institutions, so if you’re looking to upgrade your school’s tech game, just hit them up through their online form.
  • Lenovo
    Are you in school? A parent of a K-12 student? Or a dedicated teacher? If you nodded to any of these, then Lenovo has a special treat for you. Bag yourself a sweet deal on a new laptop or tablet with their exclusive education pricing. Perfect for stepping up your tech game without emptying your pockets! Get the scoop at – Lenovo Education Store.

Study savers

  • Amazon Prime
    Amazon is hooking us up with a pretty sweet deal – Prime Student. All you need to do is sign up and you’re all set to dive into a sea of awesome benefits. We’re talking about a six-month trial. The benefits are endless, from speedy, free delivery to exclusive student deals. Need some new entertainment? Prime Video is offering unlimited streaming as well as over two million songs on Amazon Music Prime. Enough to keep you busy for a while.
  • Apple Music & TV
    Apple’s making our lives even sweeter with their discounted student subscriptions for Apple Music and Apple TV+. If you’re enrolled in a university, college, or equivalent higher education course, you can tap into a world of music for less and even catch some great TV! So, why wait? Let’s take our study sessions to the next level with some solid background tunes and reward our hard work with some quality TV!
  • Canva
    It’s time to power up your classroom experience with Canva for Education! This is an awesome tool to design your lesson plans, infographics, posters, videos, and so much more. Plus, it’s 100% free for teachers and students at eligible schools. Just sign up with your education email address or show some proof of your teaching certification and employment. Within a few days, you’ll be upgraded to Canva for Education. If you’re a primary or secondary student, you’ll need a teacher to invite you to join the party. Unfortunately, Canva for Education isn’t available for college and university students just yet, but don’t fret! You can still use Canva for free.
  • Grammarly
    Grammarly is a fantastic tool for enhancing your writing abilities. Discover how Grammarly’s generative writing assistance can help you craft your submission, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your course requirements and institution guidelines. At present, Grammarly does not offer student discounts for Premium subscriptions, but they have an alternative: Grammarly for Education. This institutional license provides access to all students and faculty. Plus, they also offer a free plan. Discover how Grammarly can boost your writing.
  • Headspace
    Headspace is really coming through for us with the Student Plan. All you need to do is head over to their website, sign in or make an account, and get your student status verified. It doesn’t even have to be a school email, use any email you like. We’re talking about a mind-blowing deal of just $9.99 per year for some top-notch mindfulness and wellness tools! If you’re not instantly verified, no sweat, just upload a document for manual verification. So, whether you’re hitting the books or the hay, Headspace has got you covered for less stress and more focus.
  • LeetCode
    LeetCode is bringing its Premium membership to your school with a fantastic offer you won’t want to miss. Assemble a group of 50 or more and get the Premium subscription for a lifetime at a ridiculously low $99 a year! If your school doesn’t reach 50 sign-ups, you’ll still get the chance to register next year for that sweet $99 discount. So whether you’re a current subscriber or a newbie, join in the fun and let’s ace those coding challenges together!
  • Peacock
    Peacock is bringing its A-game to the streaming scene with an offer just for students. All it takes is verifying your student status, and voila! Instead of shelling out $5.99 per month, as a student you’re only paying $1.99/month for 12 whole months of Peacock Premium. Just remember to verify your student status annually. If the offer ends, you’ll be charged the standard price (or whatever the current retail price is) plus tax, but you can cancel anytime. Happy streaming!
  • Squarespace
    Setting up a portfolio? Blogging about your campus life? Or launching an online store? Squarespace is the perfect platform for all of these. Grab your 50% off for our first full year of Squarespace by verifying your student status. It’s a breeze! So, gear up to showcase your creativity and take advantage of this amazing deal now!
  • Tidal
    Alright music lovers, this one’s for you! TIDAL is dropping the beat with a sweet 50% off of subscriptions for all eligible college students and US high school students aged 16 and up. Start with a 30-day free trial and then rock on with half-price tunes. Just keep in mind, you’ve got to re-verify your eligibility every 12 months.
  • Udemy
    Don’t let the lack of a specific student discount deter you. Udemy is all about making quality learning accessible, and they’re always serving up great deals. No matter your field of interest – be it coding, business, or IT – they’ve got a heap of free courses that will keep you in the know without emptying your wallet. Plus, it’s worth keeping Udemy on your radar for their monthly price drops. Countless courses are up for grabs at reduced prices every month. Who said expanding your knowledge had to be expensive? Check out the latest courses at Udemy – your brain (and your bank account) will thank you!
  • Wix
    About to step into the professional world? Wix is here to give your credentials a serious upgrade. With hundreds of customizable templates, you can whip up a stunning portfolio or CV in no time. Not just a static display, but an interactive platform that tells your story, showcases your skills and lets potential employers contact you. What’s more, Wix has a tasty 50% off student discount. Making a good impression needn’t cost the earth! All you need to do to get started is to head to their site.

Telco treats

  • AT&T
    Don’t miss AT&T’s Back-to-School offers! They’re setting you up for a successful year with deals on all the essentials for learning, collaborating, and creating. You’ll find their best offers on smart devices, so you can be at the top of your tech game, not to mention their free shipping and flexible returns for online orders.
  • T-Mobile
    Yes, you heard it right – from free 5G phones to awesome deals on smartwatches, tablets, and 5G Internet. But that’s not all! If you’re a T-Mobile customer with a qualifying voice line on Go5GPlus, Magenta MAX, or an equivalent plan, you can snag their 5G Internet for a cool $30 per month. And don’t worry, existing voice customers, they haven’t forgotten about you – they’re offering two voice lines for the price of one! Not seeing the deal you want? For the ultimate tech upgrade and savings this school year, swing by T-Mobile to discover more.
  • Verizon
    Verizon’s offering a discount you want to check out for sure! College students benefit from discounted rates on wireless and home internet plans. Sign up for one contract and you can save $10 off but get two and you could save a whopping $25 each month. Not on Verizon yet? Just check you’re enrolled at a US school, choose an unlimited plan and get your discount rolling. Find out more at Verizon.

Budget eats and mega marts (17 offers)

As you juggle academics, social life, and personal growth, it’s crucial to find a balance that works for you. A key aspect of this balance is knowing where to look for budget-friendly meals and essential items, which is where student discounts come into play. To keep your mind sharp and energy levels high, it’s important to eat healthy. Thankfully, many delivery services offer student discounts, making nutritious food just a few clicks away. Enhance your student life with a plethora of mega marts and retail outlets offer discounts specifically for students. These are ideal for stocking up on everything from groceries to study supplies, saving you time and money in the process:

Food boxes & delivery

  • Chipotle
    Chipotle – it’s more than just a brand. While they might not have a student discount at the moment (here’s to hoping they bring that on board soon – watch this space), they’re totally worth a mention. They’ve got this awesome catering option that lets you feed your entire crew without breaking the bank – healthy, tasty, and budget-friendly. Plus, they’re all about using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and making everything from scratch daily. Good for you, good for your wallet, and good for the planet. That’s what we call a win-win. So, grab your friends and make Chipotle your new study break go-to.
  • DoorDash
    DoorDash just got a whole lot cooler with their Student DashPass Plan. For just $4.99 a month or $48 annually, you can get all your favorite meals delivered right to your doorstep without shelling out extra for delivery fees. But there’s a catch – you gotta be a student at a university or post-secondary school. Just go through a quick verification process in the app and boom, you’re in. Ready to sign up? Head over to the DoorDash app or site, go through the simple steps, and you’re all set.
  • HelloFresh
    With HelloFresh, not only do you get a whopping 55% off on your first box (and free shipping on it too), you also score an ongoing 15% discount for 52 whole weeks! That’s a full year of fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes delivered right to your door. This means more time to study (or party) and less time worrying about what to cook. And it’s not just about convenience; with HelloFresh, you’re eating better every day.
  • Patagonia Provisions
    Ever think about how you can eat well and still make a positive impact? Check out Patagonia Provisions. This is not just any food brand – it’s a part of the Patagonia family. They’re all about sustainable, nutritious grub that keeps you fueled up, whether you’re hitting the books or hitting the trails. From tasty trail snacks to pantry must-haves, they’ve got your back. Plus, by choosing Provisions, you’re supporting Patagonia’s earth-friendly mission. And here’s the kicker: Save up to 10% on all subscriptions and enjoy free shipping on orders over $85.
  • Whole Foods Market
    Got an Amazon Prime membership? If you’re a student, it’s just gotten more valuable! Now you can enjoy exclusive savings and deals at Whole Foods Market. From an extra 10% off sale items to special deals on seasonal favorites, your grocery shopping just got a whole lot more exciting. Need groceries but swamped with assignments? No worries. Prime members get free 1-hour pickup and convenient 2-hour delivery in select US cities. Plus, with the Prime Visa Card, you can earn back 5% every time you shop at Whole Foods. For the conscious consumer looking to balance healthy eating and a student budget, this is a game changer. More details at – Whole Foods Market.
  • Grubhub
    If you’re part of select universities, you can access their Grubhub+ Student Membership and unlock some amazing benefits. Get $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees on delivery orders of $18+ from select off-campus restaurants. Not just that, earn 5% back in Grubhub+ credit on eligible pickup orders that you can use for future orders. Plus, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, the perks just got better – you get to enjoy Grubhub+ for free for a year (valued at $120/year), offering no delivery fees, member-only offers, and reliable delivery on food, snacks, and more. Now, that’s some food for thought!
  • Home Chef
    Home Chef has cooked up something deliciously affordable for you. They offer an irresistible student discount of $116 off across your first four boxes. That sounds like a tasty deal, right? Start your culinary journey here.
  • Uber Eats
    Want to enjoy a membership that covers both your food cravings and transport needs? Uber One is the answer. For just $9.99/month, you’ll have access to a bundle of benefits on Uber and Uber Eats. From unlimited $0 Delivery Fee on Uber Eats, member pricing on Uber rides to up to 10% off on eligible Uber Eats deliveries and pickups. This membership is the ultimate money-saver. Plus, you can take advantage of Uber One Perks which include special offers and promotions. Use your benefits anywhere in the US where Uber and Uber Eats operate.

Marketplace & retail moguls

  • Amazon
    While Amazon may not currently offer a student discount program, the show stopper is their impressive Back to School section, brimming with offers and savings on all school essentials. Think of it as your personal shopping hub, housing everything from stationery to electronics at unbelievably good prices. Don’t let the absence of student discounts deter you because Amazon’s Back to School section is a treasure trove of deals waiting to be discovered.
  • Costco
    Did someone say exclusive student deals at Costco? You heard it right! While they may not dish out free or discounted memberships, they have a tempting deal waiting for all the hardworking college students out there. You can join the Costco family as a new member and receive a Costco Shop Card.
  • eBay
    Okay, so eBay doesn’t have a student discount program in place right now. But let’s not lose sight of what’s truly important – getting the best deals, and that’s something eBay’s Back to School section does superbly! Need textbooks that don’t cost an arm and a leg? Check. Hunting for tech gadgets without emptying your wallet? Double-check. Looking for dorm essentials that don’t break the bank? Triple-check. eBay’s Back to School selection is your passport to a savvy shopping experience that keeps your budget intact. So, who needs a student discount when you have deals like these, right?
  • Etsy
    From uniquely designed stationery to customized dorm decor, Etsy’s offers a shopping experience like no other. And who knows, you might stumble upon something extraordinary for a steal! No student discounts? No worries. At Etsy, you’re shopping from a global marketplace of artisans, making each find a special deal in its own right. So, step into Etsy’s Back to School section and discover the joy of unique, budget-friendly finds.
  • Groupon
    You’ve got to check out the Groupon Select Student Program – it’s an absolute game-changer for local deal hunters. With up to $20 off every time you shop, it’s a major score for every student out there. All you need to do is be enrolled at a US Title IV accredited college or university. Just head to the student program’s homepage, apply for your discount, and fill out some basic info about your school. Once they verify your status, you’ll see your discount applied automatically at checkout. Easy, right? However, remember it’s only applicable for eligible Local deals and can’t be combined with other promo codes.
  • Shein
    Students, this one’s for you! At Shein, they know how to treat you right. Get an extra 15% off on your shopping spree and free shipping on orders over $49! It’s as simple as it gets. All you need to do is join and verify your student status for instant access to this discount. So why wait? Start shopping and enjoy the benefits of being a student. Remember, being a savvy shopper isn’t just about finding good deals, but also about making choices that are kind to our planet. So, be mindful, don’t go overboard with your shopping, and make every purchase count!
  • Target
    Target frequently offers fantastic deals and discounts for students. Simply verify your student status through their Target Circle™ College Student Appreciation program and stay updated. For instance, in the last offer, students received an impressive 20% discount on entire shopping trip! If you’re not yet a member of Target Circle, don’t worry – membership is free.
  • Walmart
    Shop classroom essentials and trendy backpacks at last year’s prices. With Walmart, you’ve got all you need for an affordable and successful school year. Teachers can also experience their new Classroom Registry, making it easy to plan, shop, and share your classroom wish list. And listen up, college students! Walmart has everything you need to deck out your dorm at unbeatable prices. But that’s not all – through the Live Better U program, Walmart’s hooking up associates with 100% paid tuition and books. Score a degree, grab a certificate, or finish high school, all while working. The program’s online and flexible to match your hustle.
  • Zappos
    Check out Zappos’ VIP Program to get the best deals as a student! It’s free to join, and you earn points for every buck you spend. Enjoy free expedited shipping, bonus points on select brands, and surprise discounts. Plus, if you’re an Amazon Prime member (Student, Student FT), you can link your accounts for even more benefits. On top of that, Zappos is gonna hit your inbox with special coupon codes from time to time – subscribe to the Zappos Email Newsletter.

Fitness and gym gear (20 offers)

AI-Generated by Bing Image CreatorWe all know how important it is to stay fit and active during our student years – not just for our physical health, but for that crucial brain power too. But we also understand that as students, our wallets can take a serious hit. That’s where student discounts on gym and fitness gear come into play. Tons of athletic brands out there are offering cool discounts so you can hustle for that muscle without breaking the bank. We’re talking top-notch sports gear, trendy activewear, and sturdy gym equipment that won’t cost your entire semester’s budget. So let’s get those gains and save some cash at the same time! Keep reading to check out these awesome fitness and gym gear deals:

  • Adidas
    Get ready to roll on campus in style! Adidas is showering you with some serious perks. Bag an exclusive discount that’s just for you guys – because who doesn’t love a good deal? Plus, every single order is delivered straight to your door, free of charge. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to amp up your wardrobe with Adidas’ freshest gear.
    Need a new pair of kicks or workout gear? ASICS is offering a solid 15% discount on their full-priced products, just for you. This is no joke – a solid deal for all verified students out there! Once you’ve been verified, you’ll get a one-time promo code that you can use. And don’t sweat if you use it up – you can get a new code up to twice a month by re-verifying your status. But remember, it’s online only – no in-store purchases with this one.
  • AYBL
    AYBL is your go-to activewear brand, blending quality, affordability, and style. From comfortable leggings to trendy hoodies, they’ve got your gym wardrobe sorted. As they are known for running various promotions, US students are advised to keep an eye on their official website – currently offering an enticing 10% discount. Explore top-notch gear and discover fantastic deals!
  • Carhartt
    Get ready, students! Carhartt, the renowned American apparel brand, is known for decking out the hard workers among us with durable, high-quality gear. While there’s no specific student discount, don’t worry – their Groundbreakers Loyalty Program is all about rewarding you for your loyalty. Rack up five points for every dollar you spend, and score extra points through various activities. Free shipping and dedicated customer service? Oh, yeah! Are you studying in the healthcare field? Then this is for you! Carhartt is showing their appreciation by offering a cool 15% discount to verified members of the Nursing community. Time to get your hands on Carhartt’s rugged gear, built for those who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get to work.
  • Columbia
    Put on your adventurer’s hat with Columbia! This iconic outdoor brand offers a solid 10% off discount to all verified students in the US. Yes, you heard it right! It’s about making your excursions more affordable. What’s even cooler is the exclusive 10% off for teachers for back-to-school shopping. Just verify your eligibility and get ready to explore in style with Columbia’s durable and innovative gear. So, students and teachers, why wait? Adventure is out there, and Columbia is here to gear you up!
  • FIGS
    The brand, well-known for its stylish, comfortable, and functional medical apparel, is offering a fantastic 15% discount for all college and university students in the US. Whether you’re pulling all-nighters or making your dreams a reality, FIGS wants to support you. Verify your student status in a few simple steps at checkout, and get your unique promo code. Then, you can enjoy discounts on most products. Remember, you’ve earned it!
  • Foot Locker
    This renowned sports footwear and apparel giant is hooking you up with a whopping 20% off on purchases of $99 or more. How do you score this deal? Verify your current student status, and the discount is yours. With a variety of athletic brands to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your style. Whether you’re hitting the gym or just kicking it on campus, you’ll look and feel your best without breaking your budget. Remember, exclusions might apply, so check out the details.
  • Gymshark
    Fitness and health matter! As one of the leading activewear brands, Gymshark understands this, and they want to make staying active easier for you. That’s why they’re offering an impressive 10% student discount sitewide. This perk is available to all verified students. Whether you’re preparing for a vigorous workout or seeking comfy study attire, Gymshark will have something quality and stylish for you. Keep yourself fit, healthy, and looking great without stretching your budget with Gymshark’s student discounts!
  • JD Sports
    Are you in search of quality athletic gear? JD Sports is here to help. While they don’t have a specific student discount for US students, there’s plenty of opportunity to save. Don’t forget to explore their sale page where you can discover a wide range of products. Also, their back-to-school deals are worth keeping an eye on.
  • HOKA
    On the lookout for top-tier fitness gear? HOKA is certainly worth your attention. While they currently don’t have a dedicated student discount in the U.S., don’t let that stop you from browsing their fantastic range of products. Be sure to check out their back-to-school page – you never know what gems you might uncover. And, rest assured, we’ll keep a watchful eye on HOKA and let you know about any student-friendly offers in the future. Stay active, stay fit.
  • Huel
    Meet Huel – your nutritious ally in the busy world of academia. We understand the challenge of maintaining a healthy diet amidst a jam-packed schedule. But, with Huel, you’re in good hands. Offering a 10% student discount, Huel is committed to fuelling your study sessions with a blend of nutrition and convenience. Simply sign up, verify your student status, and unlock your discount.
  • lululemon
    Are you immersed in the fitness culture, leading an active lifestyle, or simply a sports enthusiast who loves quality athletic wear? If yes, then lululemon has something interesting for you. Introducing the Sweat Collective – a program by lululemon designed for leaders who live an active lifestyle and foster the fitness community. It’s not your typical student discount, but if you’re a fitness instructor, athlete, or coach, it could be even better. The Sweat Collective offers you 25% off on regular-priced lululemon gear. Not only that, but you’ll get exclusive invites to Sweat Collective-only events, sneak peeks on product innovations, and opportunities to contribute towards making gear better. If you’re eligible, this could be a fantastic way to combine your passion for an active lifestyle with some great perks.
  • New Balance
    Step into the new semester with some fresh kicks from New Balance. They’re offering a pretty sweet deal just for you – a 15% discount plus free shipping. It’s all about the balance, right? All you need to do is register and verify your student status to start enjoying this offer. So, tie up those laces and step into savings with New Balance.
  • The North Face
    The North Face is ready to accompany you on all your campus adventures, and guess what? They’re doing so with a cool 10% student discount. Yes, you heard it right! All you need to do is verify your student status, and they’ll send you a single-use promo code you can use for a discounted purchase on their official website. You can use the student discount once every 30 days, but you’ll need a new promo code each time. Not an online shopping fan? No problem! You can also use the student discount at any The North Face full-price store.
    NVGTN, a leading brand in activewear, is dedicated to enhancing your workout experiences with their top-tier gear. They value students’ pursuit of health and comfort amidst busy schedules and are offering exclusive discounts for you. By verifying your student status you can unlock a one-time discount for each purchase you make. With NVGTN’s gear, you’re not just dressing for a workout, you’re donning confidence and embracing a healthier lifestyle. And the best part? This process can be repeated every month, giving you a fresh discount code for your fitness gear needs.
  • Patagonia
    Patagonia, the outdoor gear go-to, believes in transparent deals rather than elusive discount codes. Their straightforward approach offers free shipping for orders over a certain amount and year-round ‘Web Specials’. No codes, no hassle – just visit their site. Beware, though! Ignore any third-party sites claiming to offer Patagonia coupons. For any queries, their Customer Service is just a call away. Tip from Backify: Sign up for their emails to stay in the loop with the latest offers. All about honest savings, Patagonia prioritizes both your wallet and your outdoor needs.
  • Planet Fitness
    While Planet Fitness doesn’t currently offer a specific discount for college students, they do have an incredible program for high school teens. The High School Summer Pass™ is Planet Fitness’ initiative, providing teens aged 14-19 with a free summer membership at any of their more than 2,400 locations throughout the US and Canada. This offer starts on May 15 and runs until August 31. However, if you’re under 18, you’ll need a parent or guardian to sign the waiver for you. Keep in mind, you must stick to the location where you signed up. Despite the lack of a specific student offer, Planet Fitness still provides a welcoming, hassle-free environment that makes everyone feel comfortable. Don’t be disheartened, and keep your eyes peeled for future student-friendly deals!
  • Puma
    Bag a cool 30% off on your Puma purchases! It’s no joke – Puma is offering a fantastic deal exclusively for students. Simply register and verify your student status, and voila, you’re all set to score some stylish and comfortable Puma gear. Ready to show off your student status in style? It’s time to take advantage of this fantastic offer and make your shopping experience more budget-friendly.
  • Reebok
    Cheers to all the folks out there who make a difference every day – be it military personnel, healthcare workers, teachers, government employees, or first responders. Reebok wants to show their appreciation for your service by offering a whopping 50% discount. But wait, students, Reebok hasn’t forgotten about you! Reebok also extends this 50% discount to all current students to help fuel your journey towards becoming future leaders. All you need to do is verify your student status, and you’re good to go. So, go ahead, dive into the Reebok universe and get your hands on some to of the range sportswear without blowing your budget.
  • Under Armour
    Here’s a big shout-out to all the student athletes out there! Under Armour is all set to bolster your sporting journey with an extra 30% off on online purchases. Just confirm your student status and get ready to upgrade your athletic wardrobe without denting your savings. Go get ’em, champs!

Home haven and adventure (15 offers)

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Embarking on your student journey is all about striking the perfect balance between comfort and adventure, between the familiar and the exciting. On one hand, your home, your haven, should reflect your unique personality, and create an environment that fosters learning and relaxation. On the other hand, it’s equally important to embrace the vibrant world outside, seeking out new experiences and engaging in stimulating conversations.

The quest is to create a home that fits your lifestyle and resonates with your comfort, aiding your study routines and providing a peaceful space for rest. With that in mind, we’ve curated offers from some of the best home-essential brands to help transform your dorm room into a personalized, cozy corner. But remember, adventure awaits just outside your door. Embrace the thrill of the journey, the joy of new discoveries and the exhilaration of diverse experiences. Whether it’s travelling across North America, or exploring a different city, we have deals to get you on the move.

On-the-go getaways

  • Airbnb
    Bummer, Airbnb doesn’t offer a student discount, but it’s got something pretty awesome for educators. With rising costs of living, US educators, from teachers to professors, have found a great way to supplement their income – by hosting on Airbnb. In 2022, they earned a staggering $330 million, with over $110 million made during the summer break alone. The growth trend is also noteworthy, with the number of US educators hosting on Airbnb increasing by nearly 10 percent compared to the previous year. Kansas, Washington, D.C., Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, Maryland, Louisiana, Oregon, and New Mexico lead in terms of the highest percentages of hosts who self-identify as educators. Hosting not only offers a financial boost, but it also allows educators to meet diverse individuals and share unique experiences. Even if you’re not an educator, there’s always a chance to enjoy a stay at an Airbnb hosted by one, getting a comfy home away from home and contributing to a teacher’s side hustle at the same time!
  • Booking.com
    Booking.com doesn’t currently rock a student-specific discount. But hey, don’t let that get you down! They’ve got some awesome seasonal and holiday deals that can make your next getaway a bit more wallet-friendly. And let’s not forget about the Genius loyalty program – it’s open to all, students included. With every stay, you level up in this travel game, unlocking increasingly impressive benefits and discounts. Think of creating your free Booking.com account as creating your character in a role-playing game – it’s the beginning of your journey towards unlocking a world of travel rewards. Like in any quest game, the more you travel, the more you “level up,” thus earning bigger rewards and discounts (up to 20% off) on your journey. So, despite the lack of a student-only perk right now, there’s still plenty of room for savings and cool rewards. Keep your spirits high! For even more benefits, consider signing up for the Booking.com newsletter. This will ensure you’re the first to know about any special offers, deals, and destination recommendations.
  • FlixBus
    Even without a student-specific discount, FlixBus keeps it light on your wallet all year round. They’re on a never-ending mission to ensure your travel doesn’t break the bank. Providing affordable bus tickets to over 2,500 destinations, FlixBus lets you roam from only $19.99! No more holding out for those Black Friday discounts – with FlixBus, you can book your next adventure today without worrying about your budget.
  • Greyhound
    Greyhound are all about making travel affordable for everyone. You can score some sweet savings with their Winter Travel Deals, offering low fares to popular destinations all season. Think of grabbing the lowest fares is almost like a game: booking in advance and travelling mid-week can help you unlock these deals. Are you looking to travel in a large group? You might be eligible for a discount too. Don’t forget to check out Greyhound’s exclusive hotel discounts for a more budget-friendly trip. And make sure to subscribe to their newsletter for all the deets on deals and promos. So, although there’s no student-specific offer, Greyhound still ensures you can travel on a budget.
  • Hotels.com
    No student discount? No problem! Hotels.com offers great deals for everyone, students included. Their membership scheme unlocks a universe of savings and VIP perks, like no cancellation fees. One Key loyalty program is like the ultimate cross-over episode for your travel plans. It ties together rewards from Expedia, Hotels.com, and Vrbo, letting you rack up points on everything from swanky hotels to cool vacation rentals, not to mention car rentals, flights, activities, and cruises. And the best bit? You can totally use it side by side with your existing airline loyalty programs. The One Key program is a four-tiered system: Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. So, the more you book, the more you score, and the better the perks get. Looking for a last-minute deal? From Las Vegas to Paris, they offer amazing deals on hotels in popular destinations. Their booking process is as flexible as it gets, with many options allowing free cancellations. So, signing up with Hotels.com means saying goodbye to long hours of online searching and hello to your dream vacation at an affordable price. Remember to subscribe to their newsletter for the latest deals and offers.
  • Megabus
    Megabus doesn’t have a specific student discount, but who needs it when they’re dishing out city-to-city bus tickets starting at just $1? Yeah, you heard that right, one single dollar! Megabus is your travel buddy, zipping you around North America, from major cities to university campuses. Booking is a breeze too – just grab your computer or smartphone, and you’re good to go. This bus service has got the whole package: affordability, reliability, and comfort all rolled into one. Their luxury double-decker buses come with at-seat power outlets, panoramic windows for all those travel ‘grams, and even a green travel alternative. Safety’s their jam, with professional drivers and well-maintained, wheelchair-accessible buses. Whether you’re off on a cross-country adventure or hopping a few cities over, Megabus ensures a great ride, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey. Remember to subscribe to their updates for all the latest routes and deals, and keep that travel game strong!
  • Zipcar
    You can join in an instant and be driving in minutes. Zipcar is your quick and easy on-demand car rental service, with options for students, faculty, staff, and alumni at hundreds of universities. Starting at $9.50/hr and $79/day, you get a ride complete with gas, secondary insurance, maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance. Plus, your trip includes 180 miles per day. Alumni, you can join for $45 for the first year. For Students and Faculty/staff it’s even better with a membership fee of just $25/year. Each membership is verified via a school-issued email. With Zipcar, you’ve got freedom on wheels, right on campus.

Cozy corner

  • Barnes & Noble
    Barnes & Noble just leveled up their game with two revamped membership plans: the Premium Membership and the B&N Rewards. For just $39.99 a year, the Premium Membership has you saving bucks left, right, and center with a cool 10% off on all eligible purchases. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping online in your PJs or browsing the aisles in-store. You’re also gonna love the free shipping and drink size upgrades at B&N Cafés – yep, including that Grande Caramel Macchiato! Oh, and let’s not forget the free tote bag you get each year. Perfect for lugging around all those textbooks, right? Imagine curling up with a mug of hot cider, a fuzzy blanket, and a captivating story that transports you to another world. So here’s to the magic of evenings and the joy of a good book. Because when you’re a bookworm, every night is an adventure. Happy reading, my friends!
  • IKEA
    Amp up your college experience with IKEA’s epic collection, designed to turn your dorm room into a cozy haven. Need space-saving furniture that also has style? IKEA’s has it all! Join the IKEA Family for free and you’ll bag a sweet 5% off all furniture and décor every time you hit the store. Plus, they’ll throw in special offers, in-store perks, and price protection. But there’s more! IKEA’s Visa Credit Card and Projekt Card are here to make your shopping spree even more rewarding. Earn rewards on everyday purchases or break down those larger buys into manageable payments. No annual fees, no stress. So why wait? Dive into IKEA’s cool, affordable range and turn your dorm into a space that’s uniquely yours. Your perfect college living situation is just a shopping trip away.
  • Home Depot
    At Home Depot, while there might not be a student discount, they surely value our brave service members. Active military, veterans, and their spouses can enjoy a cool 10% off eligible purchases, up to $400 annually. Plus, you can snag some fantastic bargains by keeping an eye on their Specials & Offers.
  • Lowe’s
    Swing by Lowe’s and it’s a similar story. They’ve got the same sweet deal for our military members. But what sets them apart? The Lowe’s Workshops. They’re back and bigger than ever. With in-store events, live streams, and on-demand content, you can become a DIY pro at no extra cost. And don’t forget to check out their Savings section for trending deals.
  • LEGO
    Take a break from the books and step into a world of creativity with LEGO. Not just for kids, LEGO understands that play is a universal language. So whether you’re an adult fan of LEGO, a Star Wars™ enthusiast, or someone just looking for a meditative pastime, they’ve got something to tick all boxes. LEGO has special offers for students from time to time, so be sure to keep an eye on their promotions. Their complex sets cater to all tastes, covering movies, TV shows, travel, sports, technology, cars, and more. They even have sensory fidget toys that are perfect for those stress-relieving breaks in between study sessions. So, ready to put on your builder’s hat? With LEGO, the possibilities are endless.
  • Wayfair
    Looking to spruce up your dorm but feeling the pinch of a student budget? No worries, Wayfair’s has and array of financial options! While they don’t offer a specific student discount, Wayfair Financing extends a slew of payment plans that let you settle your bills over a period of time. It’s hassle-free to check your eligibility and it won’t dent your credit score. What’s more, they offer the Wayfair Credit Card that’s valid across all Wayfair retail sites and the Wayfair Mastercard that’s accepted universally. So, when it’s time to transform your dorm into a haven that reflects your style, Wayfair’s flexible finance options ensure you can do it without draining your wallet!
  • Game Nerdz and Cardhaus
    Make sure your dorm hangouts stand out with Game Nerdz and Cardhaus. Their vast selection of board games, card games, and gaming accessories are perfect for those chill nights in or lively get-togethers with your dorm mates. While Game Nerdz and Cardhaus don’t offer specific student discounts, they both provide reward programs to stretch your dollars. Furthermore, Game Nerdz presents a unique advantage for group purchases with their “Bulk Discounts”. Sign up at Game Nerdz or Cardhaus and kickstart your gaming adventure with welcome bonuses of 300 and 199 points respectively. Every dollar spent equals one point earned, bringing you closer to exciting rewards! Break the routine, roll the dice, and enjoy memorable gaming sessions with friends.

Fashion finds and glitz-glam (46 offers)

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While the return to campus signifies the start of long study nights, it also opens doors to an exciting chapter of student life – sporting your style with confidence! Whether you’re hunting for those killer boots that compliment your personality, craving a dazzling charm bracelet to add a touch of elegance to your ensemble, or planning to upgrade your skincare routine with top-tier products, you need look no further. In this section, we’re taking you on a guided tour of the best student discounts on fashion and beauty products that can help you stand out on the campus runway.

While some brands go all-in with student discounts, others extend a warm welcome with back-to-school sales, and a few add an element of surprise with weekly deals or exclusive members-only offers. Some brands may not offer student-specific discounts, but they more than make up for it with their unique values and high-quality products.

So, students, get ready to score some phenomenal fashion finds and glitz-glam deals without putting a dent in your wallet. After all, who said you can’t look fabulous on a student budget? Step into this academic year radiating style, confidence, and savings. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started:

Fashion forward finds

  • American Eagle & Aerie
    American Eagle & Aerie may not offer a specific student discount, but their Real Rewards program is here to stretch your student budget! Sign up for free, and start earning points on all your AE and Aerie buys. You can accumulate rewards like 2x points on jeans, access to exclusive sales, and even birthday discounts. The more you shop, the higher you climb in the program’s levels, earning you even more points. For those looking for extra benefits, the Real Rewards credit card includes additional perks like 30% off on your first AE or Aerie purchase and daily 2x points. Shop, earn, save!
  • Anthropologie
    Say hello to AnthroPerks – the loyalty program that’s all about you. It’s free to join and unlocks a world of special treats. Get free shipping on orders over $50, a $20 welcome treat, early access to the latest Anthropologie collections, and even a birthday surprise! And the cherry on top? Returns and exchanges are a breeze with your AnthroPerks membership. No, it’s not a credit card, it’s just the way of making your shopping experience extra rewarding.
  • ASOS
    ASOS – fashion powerhouse is offering a steady 10% student discount until you toss that graduation cap in the air. Now that’s a long-term commitment we can get behind! To grab this deal, all you gotta do is sign in and fill out a form to get your unique student discount code. Easy, right? But wait, it gets better. Your code isn’t just a one-time fling – it’s valid until your graduation day. We’re talking years of discounted style! But the goodness doesn’t stop there. Signing up also gets you access to exclusive deals and competitions all year round. That’s right, more chances to bag those trendy pieces without blowing your budget! Already have an ASOS account? Perfect. They’ll link your student code to your account. Go on, treat yourself!
  • boohooMAN
    Get ready to elevate your wardrobe game with boohooMAN! These guys are offering an extra 10% off just for students. The best part? Getting this deal is as simple as it gets. All you need to do is register and verify your student status. And yes, it’s completely free! This discount isn’t just a one-time offer. It’s an ongoing deal for you to enjoy every time you shop at boohooMAN. With their fresh and trendy collections, you’re bound to find pieces that reflect your style and vibe. Whether you’re looking for cozy hoodies for those late-night study sessions, sharp blazers for presentations, or the perfect weekend outfit, boohooMAN’s extensive range has you covered. Ready to express yourself through fashion without the price tag stress? Go!
  • Casetify
    Imagine a world where you can customize your phone case to match your outfit or mood. With CASETiFY, you can! But what’s better than creating your unique style? Sharing it with your buddies! That’s right, why not join the CASETiFY Club with your friends and enjoy the perks together? It’s an ingenious way to save more, plus you’ll get a taste of that sweet, sweet collaboration with your pals. If you and your friends share the same phone model – swap accessories from time to time to refresh your look and keep your style game strong. When you join the CASETiFY Club, you’re not just signing up for an ordinary club – you’re joining a community where you can enjoy up to 15% off on all items, double RECASETiFY Rewards, and a 10-day no-questions-asked return or exchange policy. Not to mention, you’ll have early access to pre-order new items and private sales, extending your warranty and even getting a free gift on your birthday!
  • COS
    COS is offering a killer 10% discount. Whether you’re shopping in stores or online, your student status grants you a cool 10% off your purchase. What’s even cooler is that this discount is valid on both full price and sale items! So, who said you can’t slay your style game while on a budget? With COS fashion is always affordable!
  • END. Clothing
    No student discount? No problem, fam! END. Clothing is still here to hook you up without eating up your whole budget. Don’t forget take a peep at the sale section regularly – it’s stacked with fresh pieces at prices that’ll make you double-take. But wait, there’s more! For all you style trendsetters out there, END. Launches is the ultimate destination. This feature is your golden ticket to scoring the dopest, limited-edition threads before they hit the high streets. Entering a Launch is easy peasy. Just hop on their website or mobile app, sign in, and head over to the launches page. Spot the product you’re vibing with, click “Enter Draw,” and fill out the form. Choose your size, drop your shipping info, and add your payment method. Just remember, if you win, your card gets charged – but hey, that’s the price of being fly. Hit “Enter Draw,” then chill out and wait for the draw. Remember, not everyone can score these exclusive releases, but getting in the draw gives you a shot at the prize. And even if luck isn’t on your side this time, keep your eyes locked on the next Launch and the mad deals in the END. sale section. Good luck, style soldier!
    What’s up, fashion-forward scholars? Put down those textbooks and lean into the world of high fashion at FARFETCH. Here’s a hot tip: FARFETCH is offering a stellar 10% discount for students and anyone under 26 on all full-price orders over $350. Yeah, you heard that right. Get your hands on swanky threads from Versace, Off-White, Saint Laurent, and more. All you gotta do is verify your student status and bam! – Your closet gets a major upgrade. Go ahead, be the most stylish person in the lecture hall. Why settle for anything less, right?
  • Forever 21
    Forever 21 is bumping up the standard student discount to an unbelievable 21% off. Why? Because when it comes to style, they believe in always going the extra mile. Get your deal in a flash by hooking up and confirming your scholarly status. Once you’re verified, you’re on your way to score the most iconic trends at prices even your student budget will love. So, go ahead and curate your ultimate wardrobe, from lecture hall to late-night party.
  • Free People
    Ever dreamt of fashion that’s equal parts bohemian, chic, and playful? That’s Free People for you! Their collections are as diverse as they are stunning, catering to all your fashion moods. No student discount, you say? No stress! With Free People’s sale section, great deals aren’t a rarity, but a regular indulgence. So keep an eye out for these, you’ll thank us later! Wait, there’s more! When you sign up for their emails, not only do you get Free Express Shipping on your first order, but you also get early access to new arrivals, sales, events, and more.
  • Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Athleta
    Craving those iconic Gap styles but on a tight budget? Fear not! Gap’s Good Rewards program has got your back. Stack up points with every buck you drop at Gap and its cool sister brands like Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Athleta. Cash in your points for rad discounts on your future fashion hauls. Want more? Level up with the Gap Credit Card for birthday savings, bonus point shopping days, and a faster track to those sweet, sweet rewards. Gap Good Rewards? More like Gap Great Rewards!
  • GlassesUSA
    Time to amp up your study game with GlassesUSA! They’re offering a whopping 55% off frames to all students. This means you can snag a pair of top-notch computer glasses to protect your eyes during those late-night cram sessions or online classes. They’ve got a variety of stylish frames that’ll not only help you see clearly but also keep you looking sharp. Don’t forget to use your student status. Study smart, save big, and keep an eye on the rewards with GlassesUSA.
  • H&M
    H&M is throwing an awesome 10% student discount your way. Yeah, you read that right. Your hard work deserves to be rewarded and what better way than by looking fresh for less? No hidden charges, no hitches, it’s all totally free. Besides fashion, they’re rocking an awesome range of home decor that caters to your unique tastes. Whether you’re decking out your dorm or just jazzing up your bedroom at home, H&M has got the goods to match your vibe. Also, we highly recommend you sign up for H&M Membership. Because, let’s face it, you’re not just a student of the books, you’re a student of style, and H&M is your masterclass.
  • Hollister
    Hollister is rolling out the red carpet for you! We’re talking a whopping 10% off almost everything. And the best part? Scoring this deal is as easy as acing your favorite subject. Just sign up, verify your student status, and you’re all set. So, go ahead, get that wardrobe upgrade or snag those pieces you’ve been eyeing.
  • J.Crew
    For a limited time, students and teachers get a cool 15% off their purchase, both in-store and online. All you need to do is flash your valid college ID if you’re in-store, or verify your status if you are shopping online. And the sweet deal doesn’t stop there, you can take advantage of this discount up to four times a month! So why not treat yourself to some stylish gear? Please note, some exclusions apply, so make sure to check out the link on J.Crew’s site for all the deets. Terms may change. So hurry up and snag your unique code to enter at checkout!
  • Levi’s
    Levi’s knows that you’re burning the midnight oil, splitting your time between work and study, and perhaps still hustling for that perfect GPA. To show appreciation for your tenacity, Levi’s is treating students to a 15% discount. Yes, that’s right! Levi’s wants to make your educational journey a bit easier (and more stylish), covering all your sartorial needs – whether it’s jeans for lectures, jackets for the chilly commute, or backpacks to carry those hefty textbooks. And not forgetting our teachers, the guiding stars of education. Levi’s understands your relentless dedication to molding young minds, and as a token of appreciation, a special 15% teacher discount is up for grabs! With Levi’s, both students and teachers can feel valued and well-dressed for the journey ahead.
  • Lulus
    Dive into Lulus, your go-to destination for fashion that’s tailor-made for the chic, modern student! With a line-up that spans everything from casual wear and elegant dresses to eye-catching accessories, Lulus has something for every occasion, every mood, and every style. And here’s the icing on the cake – students get an extra 10% off on every order. So whether you’re dressing up for a virtual class, a weekend hangout, or a night on the town, Lulus lets you do it in style, without breaking your budget. Simply register, verify your student status, and watch the savings roll in.
  • Madewell
    It’s time to score some fashion-forward wins with Madewell! Enjoy a sweet 15% off. If you’re a college student or a teacher, Madewell has got you covered both online and in stores. Just sign up for a Madewell Insider account, verify your academic status, and boom – you’re ready to shop ’til you drop. Discount applies for a whole year on eligible items, so your style game stays strong season after season.
  • Mango
    Mango, the go-to spot for conscious young adults seeking style that’s sustainable and built to last. While they might not rock a specific student discount, don’t let that keep you from exploring their sleek, sophisticated collections. We’re talking clothes that blend form and function, style and substance, all while respecting our planet – now that’s a fashion statement we can all get behind. Check out Mango for quality garments that will carry you through semesters and beyond. Believe us, these pieces are an investment in your wardrobe that will pay off. Eco-friendly and eternally chic? Yes, please!
  • Marc Jacobs
    Let’s amp up that wardrobe game with a sweet 10% off just for you. Not just stylish, Heaven’s collections are a statement of your individuality, and we know how much that matters to you. Whether you’re a fan of the chic or the unique. So, go ahead and unleash your fashionista side without worrying about your budget. Just verify your student status, get your discount code, and enjoy 10% off your order.
  • Motel Rocks
    Looking to crank up your campus look without maxing out on your savings? Look no further than Motel Rocks, where fashion-forward threads meet student-friendly prices. Grab an unbeatable 15% off your order just because you’re awesome. Just remember, this discount applies to full-price items and doesn’t cover delivery charges. Don’t let your student budget cramp your style.
  • Nasty Gal
    Are you a college or university student who loves staying ahead of the curve and sharing your knowledge with your followers? Then it’s time to step up your game and become a part of the Nasty Gal ambassador program! Imagine yourself getting exclusive promo codes, invites to all the hip local events, and being part of monthly prize draws. Not to mention, you’ll have the chance to earn commission on any sales made. Jumpstart this exciting journey!
  • Nordstrom
    Nordstrom doesn’t offer a specific student discount, but don’t let that discourage you! The Nordy Club rewards program is a fantastic alternative. It’s free to join and gives you access to exclusive sales, offers, and events, plus points on every purchase. These points turn into Nordstrom Notes which you can use to treat yourself to those styles you’ve been eyeing. Plus, for those who decide to become a Nordstrom credit card member, you’ll score even more perks. So, even without a specific student discount, you can make your dollars stretch further while shopping for your favorite styles.
  • Oh Polly
    When you shop at Oh Polly, you become part of a bigger picture – a mission that extends beyond your wardrobe. Each purchase helps to support The Brannerson Foundation, improving the lives of children and families in one of the world’s poorest regions. So, the next time you need that ‘little bit extra’ for your date night, party, or simply to walk the campus hallways like a runway, remember – Oh Polly isn’t just a purchase. It’s a statement. A statement of style, strength, and solidarity. Plus, who can resist a 15% student discount? So get out there, make heads turn, and do good while you’re at it with Oh Polly.
  • PacSun
    Want to infuse your wardrobe with the laid-back vibes of sunny California? Then it’s time you check out PacSun. Known for its cool, beach-inspired style, PacSun offers an array of trendsetting clothing and accessories that can elevate your campus style game. But wait, it gets better! You’re in luck! PacSun offers a special student discount, giving you even more reasons to update your look. All you need to do is verify your student status. What’s more? Make sure to frequently check out their Promotions & Discounts page. This is your hub for all the hottest deals and latest sales happening at PacSun.
  • PrettyLittleThing
    Say hello to your fashion fairy godmother, PrettyLittleThing! Their mission is to ensure your wardrobe stays as up-to-date and fabulous as your grades. With student discounts available, they make it easier for you to stay in the know with the latest fashion trends, without breaking the bank. All you need to do is sign up and verify your student status.
  • Princess Polly
    Sure, Princess Polly doesn’t have a traditional student discount, but who needs that when you can become a College Ambassador? You’ll get the low-down on the latest collections, exclusive merch, and can earn some sweet Princess Polly gift cards! And, psst… don’t forget to check out their Promotions page – it’s the ultimate treasure trove of hot deals.
  • Ray-Ban
    We’ve just found a treasure trove over at Ray-Ban! Yup, that’s right – you can snag an awesome 25% off and score free shipping as well. Want in? All you’ve got to do is register and verify your student status. Once you’re verified, you’ll be unlocking those savings in no time. So whether you’re hunting for the perfect pair of aviators to rock on campus or some stylish eyeglasses to help you ace those lectures. Go on, your new favorite pair is waiting for you with a student-friendly price tag! Don’t forget, stay sharp, stay focused, and most importantly – stay stylish with Ray-Ban!
  • Tommy Hilfiger
    The iconic brand is now offering a sweet 15% off on your purchase, and it’s super easy to claim. Whether you’re digging their latest collection online or prefer to shop in their brick-and-mortar stores, this discount’s got you covered. First things first, decide whether you want to redeem your discount online or in-store. Next, just create an account to verify your student status (yeah, it’s that simple!). Once you’re all set, grab your unique code and pop it in at checkout. From that trendy denim jacket to the classic polo shirt, everything Tommy Hilfiger could be yours for less. So, whether you’re restocking your wardrobe or treating yourself to a fashion splurge, Tommy Hilfiger’s student discount is here to make it happen.
  • Uniqlo
    Alright fashionistas, let’s talk Uniqlo! We’re huge fans of their commitment to quality, simplicity, and sustainability – and if you haven’t checked them out yet, you’re seriously missing out. Even though we couldn’t spot a specific student discount (bummer, we know), there’s a whole universe of deals and benefits waiting to be uncovered, especially if you download their app. Now, we know what you’re thinking – “another app to clog up my phone?” But hear us out! This app isn’t just about scoring some awesome deals on your favorite styles, but also about experiencing Uniqlo’s vision of a more sustainable fashion world. Plus, they are always dropping new collections, and trust us, you’ll want to be the first to know.
  • Urban Outfitters
    When you sign up for their emails, you score 15% off on your first purchase. It’s like a welcome hug to the world of edgy fashion, hip décor, and vinyl records. So, while they might not offer a specific student discount, this email sign-up perk is pretty rad. And who knows? Your dream dress or those retro sneakers you’ve been eyeing might just land in your inbox with a tempting discount attached. But wait, there’s more! Join their UO Rewards program to rack up points every time you shop, write product reviews, or even on your birthday! Those points translate into rewards, exclusive access to sales and collections, and special discounts tailor-made for you. So while you’re updating your wardrobe or refreshing your room decor, make sure you get in on these UO goodies.
  • Victoria’s Secret
    We’ve scoured the clouds in search of a student discount at Victoria’s Secret but alas, it appears to be as elusive as a unicorn. However, don’t let your wings droop just yet! Victoria’s Secret is known for their killer deals and sexy specials that can make any fashion-loving student squeal with delight. From BOGOs to percentage discounts on their most coveted lingerie, sleepwear, and beauty items, there’s always a fabulous deal to be had. So, while there might not be a student discount per se, savings are still totally in your future. So, whether you’re shopping for your favorite body spray or that dreamy bralette, make sure to check out the Special Offers section on their website regularly. After all, who needs a student discount when you can score some seriously heavenly deals? So go ahead, treat yourself to some Victoria’s Secret magic. You deserve it, angel!
  • Zara and Massimo Dutti
    Zara nor Massimo Dutti don’t currently offer student discounts. Like, we love those stylish pieces just as much as the next fashion-forward student, right? But don’t lose hope! We keep our fingers crossed that someday they’ll introduce a sweet deal for us knowledge-hungry fashionistas. But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom. Both of these stores are famous for their incredible end-of-season and mid-season sales. It’s like a fashion treasure hunt, and trust us, the spoils are totally worth it. Prices slashed on top-quality, runway-ready items? Yes, please! Pro tip: Sign up for their newsletters. You’ll be the first to know when a sale is about to drop, ensuring you get the best pick of the bunch. And don’t forget to regularly check their ‘Sales’ sections. You never know what chic bargains might be lurking there, just waiting to upgrade your wardrobe!

Step up your shoe game

  • Birkenstock
    Sure, we all wish Birkenstock had a student discount (we’re right there with you, friends), but even without it, we’ve got nothing but mad love for this brand. Their footwear isn’t just about the style, oh no. They’re about top-quality materials, thoughtful design, and a level of comfort that’s just… chef’s kiss. Birkenstock prides itself on meeting the highest quality standards in the shoe industry, globally. They use the best materials out there – think cork, natural latex, copper, brass, wool felt, and premium leather. The cool part? All these materials come from sustainable natural resources. So yes, while we might not get that sweet student discount, we’re definitely scoring on quality and sustainability. So, whether you’re trekking across campus or chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool, slide into a pair of Birkenstocks. Trust us, your feet will thank you!
  • Converse
    Converse offers a cool 10% discount to college and university students. So, verify your student status and let the savings begin. Note: some items, like Converse Limited Edition, Custom, and NBA Licensed Product, aren’t included in the discount, and your student discount link is for single use only. But, don’t worry, you can re-verify and snag that 10% off anytime you shop. Let’s lace up and save.
  • Crocs
    We’ve got a fun surprise for all the comfort seekers out there – Crocs has a discount! Yeah, we’re just as excited as you are. You can unlock a whopping 25% off, and here’s the kicker – it’s stackable on clearance items. I mean, can it get any better? So, whether you’re dashing to your 8 AM lecture or just hanging out in the dorms, make sure you’re doing it in style and ultimate comfort with Crocs. You know what they say, ‘walk a mile in these babies, and you’ll understand why they’re a sensation!’
  • Dr. Martens
    Dr. Martens, a brand that’s made a legendary impact in the world of footwear, has something special for you students. If you’re aiming to blend style, history, and comfort, there’s no better choice. Slide into your very own pair of Docs and experience the rebel spirit they’re renowned for. Whether you’re vibing with the classic 1460s or want to tower a bit taller in the Jadon boots, you can score a nifty 15% discount. All you need to do is register and verify your student status. Heads up though, a few exclusions apply, so don’t forget to check out the fine print. Time to make those legendary campus strides, one Dr. Marten boot at a time!
  • Steve Madden
    Stay fly on a budget with Steve Madden’s sweet student deal – a slick 25% off for those currently hitting the books! So, step up your shoe game and make your mark on campus. Got a valid school email address? Perfect, that’s your golden ticket! Enrolled in a degree or certificate-granting accredited institution? Even better. You might need to hand over a few extra details or docs, but when there’s a quarter off those dreamy Steve Madden kicks at stake, we’d call that a worthwhile trade! Worth it!
  • Timberland
    Heads up, Timberland fans! This brand, famous for its sturdy and stylish boots, is currently updating its discount program for teachers and students. While we’re all excitedly waiting for the program to be back on track, let’s take a look at what you need to know in advance. Who qualifies? Well, all faculty, staff, and teachers employed by K-12 schools and colleges/universities in the US, as well as full-time and part-time college students. Remember, this is all coming soon – we’ll keep you updated! So keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.
  • UGG
    Hey cozy creatures of comfort, UGG is hookin’ it up for students! How does 10% off their oh-so-plush, full-priced styles sound? Slide into some softness without breaking the bank. All you need to do is sign up and validate your student life, and boom – savings! And the cherry on top? It’s totally free and exclusively for students in the US. Give your toes the luxurious life they deserve.

Beauty bounty

  • Alex and Ani
    Add some sparkle to your back-to-school look with Alex and Ani! Their ongoing sale is something you don’t want to miss – you can snag a glitzy 30% off on bracelets and necklaces, and an even more dazzling 40% off on earrings and rings. Time to bring some bling to the hallways, folks! Just remember, some exclusions apply, but with so many stunning pieces to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find that perfect accessory to express your unique style. Shine on!
  • Lush
    Lush Cosmetics keeps it real – no flashy discounts or exclusive codes. But when they do decide to throw a sale or promotion, it’s open to everyone. So, there’s no secret handshake, no student discount code – just straight-up good vibes all around. Now, you might spot an old code or two floating around on coupon sites, but let’s burst that bubble right now – those are expired and won’t work. Sorry folks! So, what’s the secret to catching a Lush sale? Sign up for their emails! It’s your ticket to staying in the loop about any exciting offers on the horizon. So, whether you’re a bath bomb addict or a skincare aficionado, keep your eyes peeled for those emails.
  • MAC Cosmetics
    MAC Cosmetics is showing some love to all the students and teachers out there with a sweet 20% discount on their next purchase. Stock up on your favorite beauty essentials or try out that new product you’ve been eyeing – now at a price that’ll make you smile even more! But hurry up, this offer ends on August 31st. MAC isn’t forgetting about our dedicated medical and military personnel, either. With a special 15% off just for them, it’s time to indulge in a little self-care. So, why not add a pop of color to your day with MAC’s quality cosmetics? After all, there’s no better confidence boost than looking and feeling your best! Remember, this offer is exclusively online.
  • Pandora
    Pandora is offering a dazzling 10% discount for students this school year. Now, you can embellish your style with elegant pieces without breaking your budget. And why not celebrate the start of a fresh academic year with a special charm? Each Pandora charm carries a story, making this year’s tale one of style and panache. From unique rings to exquisite hand-finished charms and elegant necklaces, it’s time to indulge in your glamorous side. After all, who says studying can’t be done in style? Make it a year to remember with Pandora.
  • Sephora
    While Sephora may not have a specific student discount, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of savings to be had. Every week, Sephora offers a slew of new promos, coupon codes, and opportunities to snag sample bags and trial-size products. Want to connect with other beauty enthusiasts and chat about the best deals? Join Sephora’s Community to chat about all things beauty. And, last but definitely not least, don’t forget to register to be a Beauty Insider. It’s your ticket to access all these incredible deals and more. Why not start with a little retail therapy and give your makeup bag a fresh start for the new academic year? With Sephora’s array of offers, the possibilities are endless!
  • Ulta Beauty
    Who needs a student discount when you can rack up points for every dollar you spend? Welcome to Ulta Beauty’s Ultamate Rewards program. This is like the VIP backstage pass to all things beauty, minus the hefty price tag. Sign up and you’ll be scoring points on every purchase – yup, even on beauty services. You can cash in those points on future hauls, so really, it’s like the beauty fairy is rewarding you for doing what you love. Plus, birthday babes get a freebie and exclusive access to sales! Not too shabby, right?

Props to you if you’ve scrolled through our 100+ epic student deals! We all know that time is precious. Here are a couple of lifesaving tips: first up, make sure you’re all signed up with Student Beans, UNiDAYS, SheerID, and ID.me. These platforms are your golden tickets to student discounts galore across loads of your favorite brands. So, get your student status verified and ready to roll! Secondly, let’s get organized! With all the online browsing, it’s easy to lose track of what you’ve loved and what you’ve bought. Enter Moonsift, a cool browser extension that helps you centralize all your fashion finds and keep tabs on your purchases. Think of it as your ultimate fashion hub, centralizing and curating every item you’ve ever eyeballed online. And lastly:

Miscellaneous magic with Backify

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