Yoga for Beginners: 5 Reasons You Should Start Immediately

There are many misconceptions about Yoga. From “It’s a group of people sitting around humming” to “You have to be able to put your legs behind your head to do it”. Yoga for beginners is far from this, it takes years of practice to master some positions. There is so much more to this ancient practice which originated in India thousands of years ago. The word “yoga” actually means “union”. It was designed to help people maintain a positive outlook on life, filled with peace and serenity.

Yoga is adaptable! This is important to remember. You should work at your own pace and do only what your body allows you to do. Anything more could be damaged which is not the aim of the practice. Over time you will see that you become stronger, more flexible and calm. There are several different types of yoga some fast, some slow, some intense and some relaxing. So if you don’t like one there is always another that will suit you. Through this article, we will lay out five benefits of yoga for beginners.

1. It’s great for your fitness

It is no surprise that the combination of repetitive movements, holding positions for a period of time and working on your breathing is a good workout for your body. Yoga is for everyone, there is yoga for beginners as well as for those who have been practicing for years. Poses can be adapted for different abilities. Movements can be sped up or slowed down. And most importantly you should only go as deep into a position as is comfortable for your body. Regardless of what the person next to you is doing. Remember, it is not a competition. It’s about self-growth.

2. Your breathing will benefit

Yoga for beginners will focus a great deal on breathing techniques. These are also called pranayama. They are incorporated into different movements. The yoga teacher will guide you on when and how to take a breath and then again when breathing out. Thinking about your breathing during exercise will help you to focus and become more centered. While you may get funny looks if you try to integrate this way of breathing into everyday life, it is a great source for stress management.


Yoga for beginners

3. Yoga for beginners will see an improvement in their sleep

Most of us love to sleep, however, with the stress of the fast-paced society we live in, it is sometimes difficult. But you guessed it, yoga can actually help you sleep better. Yoga teachers are always putting together sequences of movements to fit in with different lifestyles. There are some that are said to help you wake up in the morning. While other routines will ensure you drift off to dreamland. It has also been proven that doing exercise before bed actually helps you fall to sleep quicker. Better still, to get a better more restful night’s kip.

4. Meditation is good for your soul

Many believe this is the definition of Yoga, which it is not. However, they would be right in saying that it is a predominant factor. Yoga helps the health of your body as an entirety. This means it not only benefits you physically but mentally too. The movements and poses build your body’s strength and agility. But without thought and focus, it is only doing half of its job.

The common misconception of meditation is a group of people sitting around cross-legged in a circle humming or chanting in a dimly lit room filled with incense. I am sorry to crush your illusion but this is not it. Meditation is taking 5 minutes for yourself. Sit somewhere quiet and concentrate on one thing, for instance, your breathing. Clearing your mind of everything else.

Yoga for beginners

5. It helps you to understand your body

Yoga for beginners has carefully planned out classes to help build strength and durability. By concentrating on your movements, your breathing and your holds, you will find you are more in touch with your body. You will learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Understanding that everybody is different and exactly what yours can and can’t do is key. Don’t be too hard on yourself! If you come across a pose that you did the previous day that you can’t seem to grasp a day later. Many things influence our bodies which we need to make allowances for. This being said, it will also feel great when you finally nail that movement you have been working on. Or you are strong enough to finally hold that position.

Why not try it out and see if there is a style you like? You don’t even have to leave the house anymore as there are plenty of people offering online classes.


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