Interior Design Masters Of Colour: Feng Shui

Colour is undoubtedly crucial in the way we see the world yet something that we often take for granted. It’s just there, all around us every second of every day. We rarely take in the beauty of the natural variation that surrounds us. Or even consider how it might affect our mood if we lived in a grey tone world. In Feng Shui, colour is one of the most valuable commodities when planning your interior design. As interior design masters you should remember that through colour, you are able to give your room power, tranquillity or even passion. 


Here is a quick rundown of what each colour represents, and where and when to use them to feng shui your home:



In Feng Shui, red symbolises fire. It is bright and bold and sure to draw attention. Its intensity renders it good luck and if used in the home is thought to redirect energy from room to room. A rug could be a great addition to your living space.


CONSIDERATION from Interior Design Masters: This might not be a great choice of colour if you suffer from anxiety or insomnia.



Orange is regarded as a social colour in the feng shui rules. It is thought to help to build relationships by boosting conversation and sparking creativity. The colour is believed to help people recovering from depression and different kinds of trauma due to the positive energy that can be drawn from it.


CONSIDERATION: You will want to avoid this colour if you are trying to create a tranquil space.



Basic feng shui principles say that yellow is a happy colour, stimulating and uplifting colour. It can trigger intellectual conversation. The colour has a similar effect as if the sun is shining, it brightens the room and lifts your spirit. It’s a great colour for your feng shui living room.


CONSIDERATION: If you are prone to stress avoid yellow, especially in rooms such as your office where work stress could be triggered.



When considering feng shui for the home, you can’t go wrong with green. It signifies growth and new beginnings. Think plants, it’s an earthly colour that is said to bring balance, healing and calm. It’s great for a bathroom as it promotes a fresh feeling. 

CONSIDERATION: Because of its earthly nature, green can pretty much be used anywhere.



As with most colours, blue can be separated into various shades. For instance, blue-green would be great for a teen bedroom as it represents youth and confidence whereas deep blue is looked at as being a more mature colour portraying wisdom. In feng shui basics blue brings truth, calm and peace. It is the colour of both the sky and the ocean which both constitute big open spaces that give a sense of immenseness.


CONSIDERATION: This is one to avoid if you often feel sad or lonely at home.


Purple is an even mix of blue and red therefore holding value from both. It has a strong presence yet also stimulates calm. It is often looked at as a spiritual colour and used by royalty to promote wealth. A great colour to be added to a room.


CONSIDERATION: This is not a colour to use if you want to feel a connection with the earth.


White has forever been depicted as the colour of innocence, purity and new beginnings. You don’t need to look too far in everyday life to find this connotation. For example, at weddings, the bride wears white which signifies purity. Incorporating white into your home brings the feeling of a light, cleansed space.


CONSIDERATION: Follow feng shui tips to avoid white if you are often overwhelmed.

Interior Design Masters


Simple feng shui – Pink represents unconditional love. You see this in abundance over valentines day when the shelves are inundated with pink and red love heart-shaped cards and gifts. Pink creates a softness and a feeling of receptivity. It works in most spaces and its association with kindness and innocence makes it a perfect choice for a nursery. 


CONSIDERATION: Pink is a timid colour so avoid it if you are looking to make a bold statement. 




Brown is often discarded as an unattractive colour but in feng shui, it has so much to offer. It is the same colour as many things in nature, for instance, a tree trunk. It often keeps your home grounded because of its link to nature.


CONSIDERATION: This is not a colour that will invite you to branch out and make friends so keep this for areas of your home you want peaceful. 


Colour is a great way to change your perception of the world and its of yours. By choosing wisely you can add value to your life, whether you paint with it or wear it. It is worth remembering that the above descriptions are a basic Feng shui overview of the colours and that the meanings will vary from shade to shade. Now it’s time for you to go and have some fun as new interior design masters of colour!